Mihael Prosen - Vocals/Bass
Mihael Prosen

Tino Margan - Drums
Tino Margan

Vedran Vučković - Guitar
Vedran Vučković

Ivan Jović - Guitar
Ivan Jović


Play Restart (Geenger Records, 2017)


Chasing Nord is an alt rock band from Rijeka, Croatia. They released their debut album "Play Restart" in 2017, under Geenger Records record label. After a very successful reception of their debut album in international media, further success of the band occurs in the form of live performances at numerous festivals and notable tours in China and Europe, where they played over 30 shows. Chasing Nord now decides to turn over a new leaf in their promising music career. After consulting with international partners and promotors involved in the process of recording the new material, Chasing Nord decides to change their name (previously NORD), stating that there are already a lot of bands of the same name in the world, and that their decision came from the intention to present their authentic sound with a suitable authentic name as well, the one that still contains the essence of their former band name and identity.

Hence in 2020, NORD change their name to Chasing Nord, a crucial moment in their career that encourages them to outline their goals in order to introduce their music and authentic sound to the rest of the world, and to continue the search for their own North. Stratified, melodic and melancholy painted songs, powerful guitar riffs, catchy choruses and lyrics imbued with personal inner struggles brought Chasing Nord to the point of recording their new album, Last Rain on Earth, released in 2023, under Dallas Records record label, and they are simultaneously preparing to release their new music material onto the international market. The album was recorded in Croatia and produced in Canada and Australia.